What’s the Toyota iQ like to drive?

toyota-iqThe Toyota iQ is a very small car, whose carbon dioxide emissions are so low that it is exempt from road tax in the UK. I recently had a chance to drive one, and it was a much nicer car than I was expecting. The car is short, very short. Less than three meters long. [more…]

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What’s driving like in South Africa?

Wide-open South African roadInternational travellers are sometimes hesitant to drive in another country, but self-drive is a great way to see the highlights of South Africa. Driving is on the left, as in 30% of the world including Japan, Australasia, and the British Isles. Distances are in kilometers, and speeds in kilometers per hour. Your drivers license is [more…]

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Any tips on saving money when driving?

Join the traffic jam (photo by tinken CC-BY)Cars are expensive even at the best of times. Here are some tips to improve your miles per gallon and save some money. When driving, anticipate what is going to happen on the road ahead. Looking well ahead – two or three cars ahead – gives you time to anticipate what is going to happen. [more…]

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