What’s the back-story to the “Defender” video game?

defender“Defender” was a coin-operated arcade game from the 1980. I wrote this whimsical back-story at the time. If you’ve played the game, you’ll understand this story. This article was previously posted to Google Knol. It was April when aliens discovered the taste of human flesh. Since then they had been sending Landers to the surface [more…]

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What are some interesting ways to use an iPad?

ipad-in-case-with-iponeApple’s iPad is a tablet computer, but it’s not a PC or a Mac and it won’t run their software. Instead, it runs iPhone applications, and also the more ambitious applications written specifically for the iPad. It also has a web browser and a music player. It is possible to use the iPad for traditional [more…]

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What is the Australian game of two-up?

Photo by Niffty - CC-BYThe Australian game of two-up is a simple game of chance, being not much more than “heads or tails” with two coins thrown at once. Nevertheless it has been played for over two hundred years. It is particularly remembered as a way that the troops amused themselves during World War I. The game is straightforward. [more…]

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What were the playground games of the 1960s?

Hula Hoop (photo by Tony the Misfit - CC-BY)I was a schoolboy in the 1960s, and the most common playground games were chasings (“tag”), football and branding. Branding was played with a tennis ball. At first, one person is “in” and needs to throw the ball to hit another player hard enough to leave a red mark (the “branding”). Each player who is [more…]

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