Where is King John’s Treasure?

reclaimed land fensKing John, noted for his signing of the Magna Carta in 1215, has for centuries been generally regarded as an all-round bad monarch. He is also famous for supposedly losing his personal treasure and crown jewels. In 1216 King John was fighting a civil war against the Barons who had forced him to sign the [more…]


What is the world's most expensive pizza?

bitcoin-pizzaAt one time, the world’s most expensive pizza was a truffle pizza served by the Maze Restaurant in London for £100 ($150). That wasn’t expensive enough, so Nino’s Bellissima Pizza in New York created a caviar pizza for $1000, or roughly $30 per bite. Even more expensive was a single £2150 ($3225) pizza created by [more…]

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Can you eat gold?

edible-gold.chocolateThe other day I heard someone saying that Gold is not worth investing in. After all, he said, if the financial system collapses you can’t eat gold, can you? Well, actually you can, unless you have a gold allergy. Many upmarket gourmet shops will sell you edible gold. It comes in several forms: dust, flakes [more…]

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Which celebrities have been given a claddagh ring?

Claddagh rings - photo by Athena - CC-BYWhen Buffy the Vampire Slayer script writers put a claddagh ring on Sarah Michelle Gellar’s hand in 1998, millions of Buffy and Angel (David Boreanaz) fans began to take an interest in this traditional Irish love ring. The internet has added to that new wave of popularity with thousands of sites explaining how to wear [more…]

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How much gold is there in my mobile phone?

How much gold? (photo by Gaetan Lee CC-BY)Mobile phones contain a surprising amount of metal which can be recycled, and yet millions are thrown away or lie discarded in drawers and cupboards. One mobile phone from Nokia was found to contain Gold, Silver, Copper, Palladium, and Platinum. Each metal having a value, albeit small. The gold, weighing 0.034 grams, was valued at [more…]

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What is meant by ‘authentic’ Celtic jewellery?

Torcs like these necklaces were worn 2000 years ago in Celtic cultures - photo by Helen Etheridge - CC-BYDictionaries say authentic means genuine, but how much does that help when browsing Celtic jewellery stores? A strict interpretation of the word would leave us nothing but ancient gold, silver, and bronze belonging to museums. Many people choosing this kind of jewellery simply want pieces influenced by Celtic traditions in tune with their beliefs and [more…]

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Do we know the true history of Claddagh rings?

Claddagh rings - photo by Athena - CC-BYCladdagh rings, with a crowned heart held by two hands, are named after a fishing community in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland, where they were used for betrothals and marriages, and handed down from mother to daughter. When I first heard a well-known story about their origins it seemed too fanciful to be [more…]

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Is there gold in the UK?

Is there gold in this Scottish burn? (photo by crabchick CC-BY)There is certainly gold in the United Kingdom, but not in all of the UK. Gold is to be found in Cornwall and Devon, North and Mid-Wales, and Scotland. It can be mined or found in streams. For an individual who would like to try panning, the amounts will not pay off your mortgage, but [more…]

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