Who are some prominent agnostics?

bill-gatesMany people wear their religion on their sleeve, and others keep it private, but some people don’t have a religion. Atheists do not believe in the existence of deities, while agnostics neither believe nor disbelieve in the existence of deities. Here are seven well-known agnostics: Warren Buffet – One of the world’s richest men, he [more…]

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Can a swimming pool be solar powered?

Photo by titlap - CC-BYThere are several ways in which a swimming pool can be solar powered. Not only can the water be heated by solar power, but you can also use free energy from the sun to light the pool and to operate the pool’s filter pump. In this Quezi guest post, Rickey Juneau answers some questions about [more…]


Did the ancient Romans have a healthy Mediterranean diet?

Mushrooms for lunch! (photo by orsorama - CC-BY)The Ancient Romans were known for their highly evolved civilization, and for their inventions like the aqueduct. They were also known to love food and eating, and they often threw elaborate banquets to impress their friends with their knowledge of food and wine and to show off their wealth. That wasn't how they ate all [more…]

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