What are the problems with "Top Ten" lists?

top-ten-digitsTop Ten lists have become popular on the web, and also in magazines and newspapers. This popularity is undeserved for many reasons, the top ten of which are: A “top 10” list trivializes the subject matter. The list is easy to write, but fails to provide a coherent coverage of the topic, or any background [more…]

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What is an Ig Nobel Prize?

Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony 2006 (photo by Jeff.Dlouhy - CC-BY)Ig Nobel Prizes are awarded each year by an organization called Improbable Research. They honor research which first makes you laugh, then makes you think. Serious research about oddball topics, in other words. They like to celebrate the unusual and imaginative, and get people interested in science and technology, by honoring real achievements that are [more…]


What is the worst pun of all time?

Picture of a rabbits whose names make a pun.There are so many bad puns around, it’s hard to pick the worst. But here are some of the contenders: Two oranges go into a bar. One turns to the other and says, “Your round.” Then there’s the mystic who goes to the dentist to get a tooth pulled. But he refuses to take a [more…]

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