Are there videos of clever animals?

intelligent-duckMany animals share human characteristics such as problem-solving and game-playing, and display various forms of intelligent behavior. Here are some videos that may surprise you. Skateboarding dogs Dogs who have learned how to skateboard seem to love it, and there are plenty of videos on YouTube of skateboarding dogs. I like this video, because the [more…]

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Would you trade IQ points for a hot body image?

brain-xrayGEWIS, a German social research organization, conducts weekly surveys of the German population. For a fee, GEWIS will add other people’s questions to their survey. Earlier this month, the Frankfurter Neue Press commissioned GEWIS to ask women whether they would trade some of their intelligence for a hotter body. According to this survey, a massive [more…]

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Do pigs deserve respect?

pig-sunglasses(This is a guest post) Humans are omnivorous. Meat is a pillar of our diet, that enabled our continued evolution to larger brains. But there are limits. We don't consume our kin—cannabalism incurs universal opprobrium. And we extend our kin to include great apes like the chimpanzee. Globally there is now also a veritable outrage over Japan's [more…]

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