What is Einstein's Theory of Relativity, in simple language?

theory-of-relativityAlbert Einstein's theory is known as the Theory of Relativity because its core principle is that the speed of light in a vacuum is always the same, relative to the observer. This is totally unlike the speed of anything else. If you are driving along the motorway at 100km/hr and the car in the next [more…]

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What are the primary colors of light, paint, and printing?

Black, red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan and white (image by Duncan Hull - CC-BY)Primary colors are the colors we mix to produce all the other colors. Because there are different ways to do the mixing, we need different sets of primary colors. The primary colors of light are needed when we are mixing different colored light together. This is done in a computer monitor (whether using LCD technology, [more…]

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Why is the sun red at sunrise and sunset?

Sunset on the Malaysian island of Borneo. Angela7dreams photo. CC-BY.The sun appears red when it is close to the horizon for much the same reason that it appears yellow in midday (or, for that matter, why the sky is blue). In outer space, the sun looks white, meaning that our closest star is radiating all colors of light. During the daytime on Earth, the [more…]

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Can You Reach the Rainbow’s End?

Rainbow Road (photo by tinken - CC-BY)Scientists will say it’s impossible to reach a rainbow’s end. Many papers and books have been published about the physics of light and of rainbows, learned treatises that carefully explain why it’s just not possible to get to the end of a rainbow. Raymond L. Lee, Jr. a Research Professor in the Mathematics and Science [more…]

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