What is Annapolis city profile?

Maryland State Capitol - courtesy Joe Shlabotnik - CC-BYAnnapolis is the capital of Maryland and perhaps one of the more exciting of the small state capital cities.  It is certainly not just another ‘big’ small town.  And there is more to it than being the home of the United States Naval Academy. Annapolis was once even the Capital of the United States (1783–1784). [more…]


What is Baltimore city profile?

Baltimore Skyline - courtesy Sarah.WV - CC-BYBaltimore is the largest city in the state of Maryland. Baltimore was founded in 1729, and is named after Lord Baltimore who was the first Governor of the Province of Maryland. Baltimore played a major role in events leading up to, and including, the American Revolution. On February 7, 1904 the Great Baltimore Fire forced [more…]

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