Do microwaveable hot water bottles really work?

Blowing up an old-style hot water bottle (photo by navets - CC-BY)Microwave hot water bottles not only work, but in my experience they work much better than the old “boiling water in a rubber bag” style of hottie. Microwave hot water bottles come in two types – those which contain a gel and those which contain grains. I’m only praising those which contain grains, as I’ve [more…]

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How do you cook pasta in the microwave?

Mike's Red Pepper Pasta (photo by clairity - CC-BY)It’s very easy to cook all kinds of pasta in the microwave. First, boil a large quantity of water. I use an electric kettle. Tip the dry pasta into a large microwave-safe bowl, such as a glass casserole bowl, and cover generously with the boiling water. You need enough water to cover the pasta even [more…]

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How do you cook rice in a microwave oven?

Bowl of rice (photo by georgereyes - CC-BY)It’s particularly easy, and just about foolproof, to cook white rice in a microwave oven. Set some water to boil. While it’s heating up, get a mug. Any kind of cup or mug will do, but a coffee mug is about the right size for the amount of rice that I like to cook at [more…]

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How do you cook sweet corn?

Corn on the grill (photo by ChrisDag - CC-BY)How you cook sweet corn depends on whether or not you like how it tastes! The traditional way method is to remove the husk (leaves) and silk (threads) then vigorously boil the cobs until the flavor and vitamins have disappeared. Fifteen minutes should do, or twenty minutes if you want to make absolutely sure. Drain [more…]

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