How can Mt Teide be climbed from sea level?

teideOne of the most satisfying ways to climb a mountain is from sea level, which gives a sense of the whole mountain rather than just the part above the car park. Tenerife’s Mt Teide, 3718 meters (12198 feet), is close to the coast which makes it perhaps the most easily accessible really high mountain. The [more…]

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Why climb a mountain naked from sea level?

mountain-seaThere’s more than one way to get to the top of a mountain. Some people are “peak-baggers”; they mark each new peak as “conquered” on their list of summits. However, not all summits are equal achievements. The choice of starting point makes a huge difference. The “peak-bagger” drives to the end of the highest nearby [more…]

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What does it mean to be sure-footed?

sure-footedTo hike some mountain trails, or to travel along a canyon strewn with boulders, one needs to be sure-footed. But what exactly contributes towards sure-footedness? Firstly, the hiker needs to have good balance. Without that, it’s impossible to traverse difficult country at speed. It’s also necessary to have good vision, particularly the ability to judge [more…]

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What is the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area?

Lost Lake in the Beartooth Mountains portion of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area, accessible via a 5-mile hike from a trailhead near Red Lodge, Montana. Mvguy photo. CC-BY.The Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area borders Yellowstone National Park and is made up of about 940,000 acres (3,800 square kilometers) of land in three national forests, mostly in Montana with a small portion in Wyoming. It includes Granite Peak, the highest point in Montana, as well as the largest contiguous area of land above 10,000 feet [more…]

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