Who are the Taliban and where did they come from?

U.S. Army forces overlook an Afghan valley in the summer of 2008.The Taliban — the word is a plural form of an Arabic word that refers to religious students — are a relatively new player on the world stage. They didn’t even exist until the 1990s; some of today’s most active Taliban were youth who were orphaned as a result of the Afghan civil war and [more…]

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What is Islamabad city profile?

Shah Faisal Mosque - courtesy Asim Bijarani - CC-BYIslamabad is the capital of Pakistan, and the country’s 10th largest city. While Islamabad is considered a “fairly young city” it still has thousands of years of history behind it, and is the site of one of the earliest human settlements in Asia. However it wasn’t till 1960 that Islamabad was “designed and built” as [more…]

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