Where is the most exciting place to be a pilot?

crashed-planeThe most exciting place in the world to be a pilot may well be the highlands of Papua New Guinea, away from the scheduled routes. Here there’s no radar (or at least there wasn’t when I was there in the 1980s). The flying is visual and “seat-of-the-pants”. The pilots serve remote airstrips nestled in valleys [more…]

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What is Tok Pisin?

tok-pisin-aids-posterTok Pisin is one of the official languages of Papua New Guinea. In the past it has been variously known as Pidgin English, Melanesian Pidgin English, New Guinea Pidgin English, neo-Melanesian, and Niugini Pisin. In the mountainous highlands of Papua New Guinea, neighboring tribes had little contact. Not surprisingly, each tribe developed its own language, [more…]

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What is Port Moresby city profile?

Aerial view of Port Moresby - courtesy kramnostam - CC-BYPort Moresby is the capital of Papua New Guinea and the country’s largest city. Port Moresby was claimed for Britian in 1873. The inner bay was called “Fairfax Harbour” and the land around it, “Port Moresby.” European settlement of the site did not begin until a decade later. In 1975, Port Moresby became capital city [more…]

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