Did Marco Polo really introduce pasta to Italy?

seafood and pasta - courtesy flickr.com, creative commons licenseWell, the short answer is “no”—Marco Polo didn’t introduce pasta to Italy. Pasta is a worldwide comfort food that most of us take for granted. The origins of pasta are as tangled as spaghetti on the plate. It is true that Marco Polo mentioned in his memoirs that in some Chinese provinces the Christians (and [more…]

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How do you cook pasta in the microwave?

Mike's Red Pepper Pasta (photo by clairity - CC-BY)It’s very easy to cook all kinds of pasta in the microwave. First, boil a large quantity of water. I use an electric kettle. Tip the dry pasta into a large microwave-safe bowl, such as a glass casserole bowl, and cover generously with the boiling water. You need enough water to cover the pasta even [more…]

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