What is pareidolia?

pareidoliaPareidolia is the phenomenon of perceiving something significant from a vague or random stimulus, usually from something one sees, but also from something one hears. We all experience it occasionally. Being the miserly sort who picks up pennies, when a circular spot on the pavement catches my eye, it triggers “coin!” in my mind, but [more…]

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What are stock photographs?

Stock photographs are photographs that have already been taken and are being offered for sale or use, as opposed to photographs that are commissioned in advance for a specific purpose. The enormous advantage of stock photography is that it is very much cheaper than custom photography. If you want a picture of penguins in Antarctica, [more…]


Where is the best place to get photo enlargements and poster prints?

Summer fun with Uncle Will (photo by czh  CC-BY)Sales of digital cameras have exploded in the last ten years and people are taking many more pictures with their digital cameras than they took on film. The immense growth in amateur photography has also increased the number of digital photos printed. This growth in digital printing has been significant but not enough to make [more…]


Can I re-use the photos from Quezi?

Found photograph by anyjazz65 - CC-BYMost of the photos at Quezi are either public domain, or are licensed to allow re-use. However, please don’t hot-link to Quezi’s copy of the images. That would steal our bandwidth and we might serve pictures of a donkey’s bum to your website’s visitors instead! So please right-click on the image and save it to [more…]


What is HDR photography?

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo by Gabriel Pevide - CC-BYHigh Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, also known as High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI), is a way to combine multiple photographs of the same scene into a single photo that has better brightness detail. The technique can be used to produce more realistic photographs, or it can be used to produce surreal photographs which look like [more…]

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