How does Nokia’s N900 cellphone compare with the iPhone 4?

apple-phoneApple’s iPhone 4 and Nokia’s N900 are both advanced mobile phones with web browsers and music players, yet they are very different products. Apple’s iPhone offers a streamlined but controlled user experience, while Nokia’s N900 is unconstrained and powerful but perhaps somewhat uneven and unrefined. For many purchasers their preference will depend on the included [more…]

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How do the specifications of the Nokia N900 and the HTC HD2 ("Leo") compare?

Telephones of the distant future (1974 drawing by catmachine - CC-BY)Towards the end of 2009, high-end smartphones were released by Nokia and HTC. Although they both have large, high-resolution screens they are two very different devices. What's the comparison between Nokia's N900 and HTC's HD2? Both are convergence devices, but the most striking differences are that the N900 is a chunky side-slider with a hardware [more…]

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What’s the difference between the N800 and N810 Nokia Internet Tablets?

Maemo devices - N800 (top) and N810 with keyboard extended (photo by Kai Hendry - CC-BY)The N800 and N810 Nokia Internet tablets are both pocketable devices with 4.13 inch 800×480 screens. They run the same Maemo operating system (based on Linux) and include a full web browser (with JavaScript and Flash), music player, and many other applications. Both have stereo speakers and a headphone jack. The form factors are the [more…]

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