Can I Really Buy A House For A Dollar?

hud dollar homeGet real! No one’s going to sell you a house for a measley buck. Right? Wrong! It’s actually possible, in the U.S. at least, to purchase a house for one dollar. Not only is it possible, but you’d be buying the house from your Uncle Sam — the federal government — so you at least [more…]

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Where to Find REO Properties?

You Can find REO's Just About Everywhere (photo: NASA-PD)REO or real-estate-owned properties are hot commodities these days.  An REO house or other property (such as a plot of land, or a commercial building) is one that has reverted to bank ownership because the original owners defaulted on their mortgage, and the property was not purchased at a foreclosure auction.  In cases like that, [more…]

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How can I buy an island?

Swedish idyl (photo by visulogik - CC-BY)Even though much of the world is heavily populated, there are privately-owned islands being bought and sold every day. You don’t need to be a millionaire to “join the club”, although if you’ve got serious money it greatly increases your options. Suppose you want a genuine tropical island in the Bahamas, the Caribbean or the [more…]

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