Why are netted fruit and vegetables sold in colored nets?

fruit-and-vegetablesFruit and vegetables are sometimes sold pre-bagged with fine plastic netting. The netting is usually colored, but how and why is the color chosen? Colored netting is used because it improves the appearance of the produce. For that reason, you’re likely to find yellow netting on lemons, orange netting on oranges, green netting on zucchinis [more…]

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What is the origin of the name B&Q?

b&q sign on warehouseB&Q is the third largest home improvement retail company in the world with 321 stores in the UK and 60 stores spread across the globe. In 2009/10 retail sales were £4 billion, with profits of £195million. It is part of the Kingfisher Group plc. The company’s name B&Q comes from the names of its founders: [more…]


What is a Pop Up Shop?

pop up shopThis a recent trend in retailing, also spelt Popup. It is a shop which opens up in a previously empty retail premises, often in a blaze of publicity to create a buzz about it, and then closes after a few days or a couple weeks. Some just last for a few hours. You can now [more…]


What was a traditional Australian Milk Bar?

Australian country milk bar (photo by certified su - CC-BY)The traditional Australian milk bar enjoyed its heyday during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, when the influx of migrants from Italy and Greece brought new life to the old Welsh tradition of the Milk Bar. There are still a few around, though they’ve become rather thin on the ground now that Australians have access to [more…]

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