How has recreational downhill skiing changed since the 1980s?

modern-skisThe sport of recreational downhill skiing has undergone some major changes since the 1980s that have permanently changed the nature of the activity. The most noticeable change is to the skis. Skis from the 1980s were much longer than today's skis, and they had little or no side cut, being almost as wide in the [more…]

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Can It Be Too Cold To Snow?

The Big Snow (photo by David Sarokin, placed in public domain by author)Break out the snowshovels!  Scientists are suggesting that global climate change might actually mean more snowstorms than before.  The additional heat energy in the atmosphere makes snowy conditions more likely, even in the face of an overall warming trend. Certainly the monster blizzards in the Eastern US dubbed the Snowpocalypse have people wondering. As if [more…]

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Can loud noises start an avalanche?

Avalanche created by an explosion, Roger's Pass, British Columbia (photo by showmeone CC-BY)I have seen this many times on films and cartoons. A group of characters trudging through snow covered mountains insisting that they must all be silent in case of starting an avalanche, only for one of them to sneeze or shout out and start the feared avalanche. Does this really happen? A search of reliable [more…]

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