Dihydrogen monoxide: should you avoid contact with this chemical?

dihydrogen-monoxideIf you worry about radon radiation, radio waves emitted by cellphones, potential risks of cancer from the fumes of hot cooking oil, and many other things, you may cringe at reading about dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO). You can at least be reassured that dihydrogen monoxide in pure form is not carcinogenic, but you will not be [more…]

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What is steampunk?

Steampunk art by D Mattocks (CC-BY)Steampunk is a label applied to a certain form of literature, and also to the subculture that has arisen from it. Before we go further, let’s deal with the “punk” part. “Punk” is just a naming hook that pigeonholes steampunk as a literary movement by analogy with cyberpunk. The “punk” hook, perhaps originally a cheeky [more…]

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