How Do I Invest in Cloud Computing?

cloud computing SaaS investments salesforce netsuiteWhat, I ask you, could be moreĀ alluring than investing in cloud computing? Who wouldn’t want to own a piece of a lovely, white, fluffy cumulus that’s been harnessed to a computer to…wait a minute!…exactly how do you get a cloud to do your computing? Actually, cloud computing is a catchy phrase for what is sometimes [more…]


What is a financial spread?

About to lose his shirt? (photo by - CC-BY)A “spread”, in finance, is a pair of pricesā€”one for buying and one for selling. The most common type of financial spread is the bid-offer spread. The offer price is the price at which a broker or market maker will sell you shares (or some other financial instrument). The bid price is the price at [more…]


What is a bull market and a bear market?

Photo by jenny downing - CC-BYThe terms Bull Market and Bear Market are jargon relating primarily to the stock market, although they can be applied to any kind of investment that is openly traded and therefore has a market price. A Bull Market refers to a sustained period of time when the prices are generally rising faster than the historical [more…]

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