Is there an awful lot of coffee in Brazil?

Coffee berries (coffea arabica) in São Paulo, Brazil (photo by mauroguanandi CC-BY)Frank Sinatra once sang a line from the Coffee Song which goes 'They've got an awful lot of coffee in Brazil'. Is that correct? Which countries are the largest coffee producers in world? According to the International Coffee Organisation, the crop year of 2009 saw a world harvest of 123.7 million bags of coffee. This [&hel[more...]

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How strong are vitro-ceramic (“glass”) cooktops?

Chipped stovetop (photo by Roger Browne - CC-BY)Vitroceramic cooktops are flat and sleek, but they also look fragile. How robust are they? A vitroceramic stove top is a sheet of glassified ceramic which has been heated in such a way as to remove internal discontinuities where cracks would develop. A cooker made from this glass-ceramic substance is surprisingly strong. The instruction manual [&hel[more...]

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How much sugar is in breakfast cereals?

Sugary Loops (photo by √oхέƒx - CC-BY)The amount of sugar in breakfast cereals varies greatly. Some of the highest sugar centents are found in cereals marketed to children. Here are the sugar contents of some products on sale in the UK in January 2009: Sainsburys Basics Corn Flakes 3.4% (added sugar) Weetabix 4.4% (added sugar) Sainsburys Rice Pops 9.7% (added sugar) [&hel[more...]

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