Which foods are definitely (probably) healthy?

healthy-breakfastSome foods are regarded as “healthy” one year and “unhealthy” the next year, or the other way around. Sometimes this is due to food fashion, but sometimes (as in the case of eggs) it’s due to our increased understanding of nutrition. Here are some foods that are probably definitely healthy. Tomatoes An anti-oxidant called lycopene [more…]

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Why grow tomatoes upside-down?

upside-down-tomato-plantsSome folks like to hang up a bucket and grow a tomato plant out of the bottom of the bucket, letting the stem grow downwards towards the earth. What’s the point? By growing the tomatoes suspended upside-down, snails and slugs are unlikely to bother the plants, and you won’t need to use stakes to stop [more…]


What’s the most fun you can have with tomatoes?

Photo by Graham McLellan - CC-BYSurely the most fun you can have with tomatoes is at the tomato throwing festival held each year in Buñol, Spain? Food fights don’t get much better than this! This unusual festival started in 1945 when a fight broke out during a parade and the miscreants raided a market stall for tomatoes to throw at [more…]


How do you grow tomatoes?

from my garden - courtesy Zanastardust - CC-BYDo you have a garden?  Then you can grow tomatoes. Do you not have a garden?  Well, you can grow tomatoes too. A few plants in pots in a sunny location can supply you with a summer of good eating. There many varieties of tomatoes, each of which differs from the others in taste, size, [more…]

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Is tomato a fruit or vegetable?

Tomato - fruit or vegetable? (photo by Glutnix - CC-BY)Many words have different meanings when used in different contexts, and “vegetable” is one of those. There are some situations where a tomato can legitimately be considered a vegetable, but others where it is unambiguously a fruit. From a culinary point of view, a tomato is a vegetable. Sometimes it’s used as a salad vegetable, [more…]

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