How do you organize a street party?

street-partyA street party gives neighbors a chance to socialise in a novel setting, and isn’t hard to organize. You can hold a party for a specific reason (we held one because it was a hundred years since the street was established), or you can hold it to coincide with a current event (perhaps to coincide [more…]

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Why do traffic accidents happen?

What caused this? (photo by ZapTheDingbat CC-BY)The Department of Transport (D of T) in the UK produces detailed annual reports on traffic accidents where a person has been injured. When investigating a traffic accident, police will take report any contributory factors which contributed to the collision. Not every accident will have a contributory factor reported, and some may have more than [more…]


When was the first Traffic Jam?

A Cairo traffic jam  (photo by Walid Hassanein CC-BY)Traffic Jams: we’ve all experienced them and all hate them. But when did this expression come into use? The first traffic jams probably occurred in the earliest civilizations when farmers carried their produce on carts to sell at the city markets and found themselves all trying to squeeze through the small city gates under the [more…]

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How do bicycle helmets make riders safer?

The helmet, an essential bicycle accessory. This photo was taken at Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia. Troshy photo. CC-BY.I remember bicycling in the streets of downtown Seattle, Washington, during the early 1970s feeling quite vulnerable to the traffic, so I became one of the early adopters of bicycle helmets, such as they existed in those days. There were no helmets made specifically for that purpose then, so the few of us bicyclists protecting [more…]

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