When’s the best time to ride the Metro in your underwear?

no-pants-metro-ridePerhaps you’ve had the urge to ride your local mass transit system without your trousers or skirt, proudly displaying your underwear. Perhaps it would provide a frisson that’s missing from your life. The only problem is that you’d be a bit shy to do it. So when is the best time to ride your local [more…]


How did you make a bustle for a dress in the 19th century?

bustle tournure dress-improverBustles were undergarments for dresses designed to swell out dramatically at the back of the skirt, in the fashion of the 1870s and 1880s. Dressmakers had various ways of providing hidden support for these curves. Bustles generally depended on cushioning, or a frame, or some combination: padding held in shape with wires, or a frame [more…]

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