Which animals are used to make vaccines?

Dr Schreiber gives a typhoid innoculation in 1943 (NKCR-USG)Animal products form part of many vaccines. Additional animal products are used in the manufacture of vaccines. But which animals are vaccines made from? The list may surprise you: cows, monkeys, guinea pigs, dogs, insects, chicks pigs, and even humans. Human albumin is used for vaccines against adenovirus, MMR, rabies and smallpox. Human cells are [more…]

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How can I strengthen my immune system to protect against swine flu and other pandemic viruses?

Green Giant immunity blend veggies (by iateapie - CC-BY)A strong immune system is your best protection against virulent strains of flu and other viruses. When viruses strike a large geographic area and rise to pandemic proportions, vaccines cannot be relied on to protect an entire population. Viruses can also mutate rapidly and become resistant to existing antiviral drugs and vaccines. Keeping your immune [more…]

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