Does DRM (digitally restricted media) make economic sense?

DRM - defective by design (photo by chegs - CC-BY)At first glance it seems obvious that slapping DRM on commercial music and video will stop people from copying the content, and will increase the profit of the content distributors. But a more careful analysis shows that this is unlikely to be the case. The apparent DRM profit (i.e. the extra profit due to DRM [more…]

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What free services does Google provide (besides search)?

Google Bus (photo by bradleypjohnson - CC-BY)Everyone knows that Google is a search engine, but many people are unaware of just how many other free services are offered by Google. For some people, Google’s web services can completely replace the application software installed on their computer. Here are some of the things that Google can do for you, at no cost: [more…]

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