What is a green job?

Green job signs (Photo by greenforall.org - CC- BY)It seems everyone is talking about green jobs. Countries around the world are moving toward developing greener technologies and  individuals are striving to move into green careers. But what is a green job, exactly? How can one transition from a traditional job to a “greener” one? Green jobs are generally focused around  aspects of social [more…]


What is the difference between a typhoon and a hurricane?

A scene from Gulfport, Miss., during Hurricane Gustav on Sept. 1, 2008.Typhoons and hurricanes are the same type of weather phenomenon — the only difference is where they form. Typhoons are strong tropical cyclones that form in the western Pacific Ocean, while hurricanes are tropical storms that form in the Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean Sea (or sometimes in the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean). The [more…]

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Why does it feel colder when it’s windy outside?

This self-portrait was taken when the wind chill was -35 degrees Fahrenheit.A day when there’s no wind outside and a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit won’t seem all that uncomfortable — but add a 15 mph wind, and it’ll literally feel the same as if it were freezing. This phenomenon is known as the wind chill factor, and anyone who spends much time outside in cooler [more…]

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What is the Beaufort wind scale?

Strong wind today in virtual land (graphic by fdecomite - CC-BY)The Beaufort scale measures approximate wind speed, by visual observation. Such empirical scales had been in use for centuries at least, before Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort developed his scale in 1805 by adding visual descriptions that could be used by sailors to estimate the winds. Subsequently the scale was revised several times, and in 1906 [more…]

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