Would you trade IQ points for a hot body image?

brain-xrayGEWIS, a German social research organization, conducts weekly surveys of the German population. For a fee, GEWIS will add other people’s questions to their survey. Earlier this month, the Frankfurter Neue Press commissioned GEWIS to ask women whether they would trade some of their intelligence for a hotter body. According to this survey, a massive [more…]

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How Can We Get a Grant for a Women's Sports Program?

US Women's Volleyball TeamThe federal government gives away hundreds of billions of dollars in grant programs every year and discount propecia rx you’d better believe that some of those dollars go toward building athletic programs for kids, adults, men and women. Very little of this federal largess goes to individuals, so the very first thing you need to [more…]

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What is paraphernalia?

paraphernaliaEven if you can’t spell the word (I couldn’t, either) you know what paraphernalia is. It’s all the equipment you need for a hobby, sport, or profession: the stuff your spouse (most likely a wife) complains about when the photo equipment, diving gear, golf clubs, dirty shoes, hunting or fishing gear, etc., are not stored [more…]

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Why do women live longer than men?

photo by Mitch Diatz - CC-BYIn just about every country, women live longer than men. According to the CIA World Factbook, women live 5 years longer in Australia and the UK, 6 years longer in the USA, seven years longer in Brazil and Japan, and a massive 14 years longer in Russia. A rare exception is Botswana, where men can [more…]

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