What does your printer do for the government?

yellow-dotsDoes your printer simply receive data from your computer and spit out printed pages? Or does it do more than that? At least nine printer manufacturers make printers that do more than just print your page: Canon Brother Casio HP Konica Minolta Mita Ricoh Sharp Xerox According to a 2012 request under the US Freedom [more…]

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What can be red, white, black or yellow and is wet?

red-yellow-white-black-lipsSome people may immediately think that the flag of the German Reich—or the Nazi flag—is red, white, black and yellow (with gold fringes for the yellow). But they did not read the question carefully; it asks about one color or the other. So maybe tulips? There are red, white and yellow tulips, and more seldom, [more…]

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